Updates from the Hills

January 19 
We are awaiting equipment to begin building a hill at the rear of CUP.  An update is expected later today.

The hill at QEP is expected to begin contruction next week. 

~ Keep checking back for updates ~
Updates from the Rinks

10:00am January 19
Schurman Park is being scraped and flooded today in preparation for weekend skating!

Re-construction of The Oval at QEP is expected to begin today with one initial layer.  The Oval is expected to be up and operational again next week.  

~ Keep checking back for more updates ~
Updates from the Trails

10:00am January 19 
The trails are beautiful and snow covered this morning!  The trails at Rotary Friendship Park and Heather Moyse Park have been groomed and conditions are now perfect for Cross country skiing, snowshoeing & walking.

~ Keep checking back for more updates~
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