Seeing Bryan Adams in concert!! Was such a great performance!
- Amanda Lindsay

My memory is of the Caroline Oulette Camp that my daughter went to. She and her friends learned so much from these women, as did I. Their on and off the ice training was great working directly with the girls was amazing. Their presentations about how they came to where they are now and the achievements were inspiring to all the girls in this camp. We will never forget
- Karen Burke & daughter, Abbi Holmes

Having moved from Scotland to the island in January 2012. I heard on the radio that Bryan Adams was playing Credit Union Place on the 14th April 2012. For me this was great, as I always wanted to see this legend, live. 
I convinced the wife to take our son with us for his seventh birthday. We had tickets at the back. But when a steward noticed that our son could not see much, he kindly lead us to seats three seats at the side of the stage that had not been taken! 
This was magical for the three of us. With our son in awe the whole concert. He is now 12 and plays piano, guitar, trumpet & tuba. I'm convinced that his love for music/instruments, is mainly down to this great experience at the Bryan Adams concert @ Credit Union Place
-Jim McNee

The atmosphere in the rink when we won against South Surrey BC in overtime of the semifinals of the RBC cup. Unbelievable feeling I will never forget
- Thomas Waugh

Bryan Adams concert
- Karen Gillis

I absolutely loved watching my grandson learn how to skate. The young instructors were wonderful and he learned so much.
- Marlene Loo

I was a member of the 2006-2007 Capitals . I had the privilege of playing in both the last Caps game at Cahill Stadium and the First Caps game at Credit Union Place. Both were amazing experiences for me and my teammates. To top off the experience of playing in the first game, I was lucky enough to score the first Caps goal at the CUP. The lights went out, the spotlight came on, and a full house of fans started cheering like nothing I have experienced before. It was surreal. 
- Garrett Lewis

My favorite memory at the Cup is when me and my family got to enjoy a Caps game from the sky box for the first time. So much fun!
- Erica Atkinson

My favourite memory of Credit Union Place happened March 26, 2017 when I watched both of my girls win Provincials, just a few hours apart from one another, with their Montague Norseman Bantam and Atom female teams. All their hard work and determination paid off! 
- Krista Gordon

My best memory was taking my mom to see Kenny Rogers in concert. We both enjoyed our first concert together!
-Kathy Forshner

We have many great memories of time spent at the CUP...from bowling parties, swimming lessons, concerts, Caps games...the list is endless really. But the best memory we have at the CUP is from our youngest learning how to skate and beginning his minor hockey career. Years later we are still at the CUP four to five times a week. We have met many great families and friends at the CUP, and the staff are amazing! Thank you for everything you have done to make the CUP a home away from home for so many people! Keep up the great work! 
- Carrie Adams

Hi My two grandchildren and I have been the biggest fans of this place for years. They love to swim, skate and bowl and my grandson was very lucky to get to the NHL game for Kraft Hockeyville. We are there almost every weekend. Best place ever. Thanks for a great place for our kids to spend time.. Congrats to the City of Summerside.
- Rita White 

One of our best memories from Credit Union Place over the past 10 years was most certainly the Brad Paisley concert. It was the first concert my kids ever went to and they were astonished to say the least.
- Johlene White

Watching the new years fireworks off the roof of the CUP, huddled around a warm outdoor fire with Kari, the love of my life, and our two sets of kids: 2 boys, and 2 girls. 
- Paul Quinlan

We chose Summerside to call home because of CUP. It provided our family recreation, lessons and learning, opportunities to meet our neighbours and to give back. It provided employment and entertainment. It gave us memories and belonging and delivers this to others every day. The heart of the community is where people gather and feel welcomed 
- Michelle Askew

The Credit Union Place has found memories for my children in physical activities. The best memory and continues to this day is getting up every Saturday morning, to bring my talented bowlers, to the bowling lane. It started when I was introducing the Fabulous sport of bowling to my son as he started Kindergarten, (now 15 years old) with his sister in her carry on seat. The Youth Bowling Canada, has been a wonderful program for our children. The great coaches taught him right from beginning, and still do to this day. As my daughter was right behind him learning the rights of the game. She became a bowler as well. Both still continue to make friends, travel, and my son has a banner hanging, in the bowling lanes for his gold metal National Youth Bowling Canada. 
- Tina McInnis

I love this place
- Mike

My daughter Maggie had her first skate 8 yrs ago at Credit Union Place 
- Tracy Livingstone

I was home from Alberta for two weeks in Feb 2012 for Scotia Hockey Day In Canada and it was also the week of my mothers B-Day! It sure was a special time to be visiting back home! I was amazed by the new Facility ! Well done Summerside ! I attended many of the events during HDIC at the arena and it was a blast. I met Boomer and Bruce, Lanny MacDonald,Wendel Clark,Doug Maclean, Ron Maclean, I have lots of pictures if you'd ever want to see more!Awesome time!This is my mother, myself, brother Sheldon, nephew Mike Dawson and brother in law Roger Deroches with the Stanley Cup! 
- Dean McMurrer

Best memory of all time was seeing flo rida at Credit Union Place!!!!! Best experience Great people, great time 
- Cheryl Bernard 

I remember many hockey games that my son played there, it is a great facility.  We love to swim there and I bowled in league bowling. So much fun!!
- Nancy MacDonald

Walking the track and losing weight for my friends wedding. Getting healthy, getting in shape.
- Maureen Praught

I remember when the Island Storm Basketball team played their first game in Summerside. It was a very exciting evening for everyone. All though there are many fond memories, this is my fondest memory at the CUP.
- Patricia Tanner

My best memory of the CUP was having the privilege of introducing Keegan McInnis, who I had coached for many years, as the Canadian Champion at the Summerside YBC Banquet........following his incredible accomplishment at the 5 Pin National Championships in St. John's Newfoundland.
- Mary-Jo McKenzie-Dalton

I am a frequent (almost daily) user of the walking track at CUP, and I appreciate the facility as I am sure most citizens of Summerside do, as well. While walking one day, I stopped to observe the skaters at the adult skate and decided it was time for me to take my skates out of retirement. My grandsons were just learning to skate, and I looked forward to being on the ice with them. So I did. Everything was going well until I caught an edge and down I went! I didn't get up. The CUP staff on hand were very good to me. I had destroyed the femur in my left leg. After surgery, I was looking at a six month recovery time. The walking track became a very important part of my rehab. It is a memory that will always stay with me. To this day, I am so thankful to have had the track there for my use.
-Sonny Grant

James Taylor in May 2016. Was just about to book a trip to see him at Wrigley Field in Chicago in June 2016, when CUP announced his date there. 
- Marc Doiron

We have lots of memories at the CUP. We have had the girls' birthday parties at the pool. The kids really enjoyed the March Break activities with the skating, swimming, and movies with friends. It was fun to watch the kids with their friends watching the movies while all the parents sat at the back of the room.
- Jennifer Praught

My son curling in both curling grand slams at the CUP and now coming to be at the Road to the Roar skipping his own team. Its a great place and we are lucky to have such a facility of that size here in Summerside it gives seniors a place to stay in shape and see exciting events over the 10 years. 
-Ron Casey

There are so many memories and proud moments as a mom that took place at the CUP but I think my proudest moment was seeing my son, in full uniform, representing #85 RCSCC at his first Remembrance Day ceremony as a sea cadet!
- Marcy Bouchie 

My fondest memory of Credit Union Place is taking my daughter Laura for her first "swim" at the pool. We bought her an inflatable dolphin ring, where she sat contently, enjoying the water and all the activities around her. Since then, she has attended many swimming lessons at the CUP.
- Beth MacDougall 

Moving here from Ontario a year ago was a big change for my family. My son, who is 10, had failed level 1 of swimming lessons 3 times back home. He is petrified of the water after being bullied and pushed in during a school trip in grade 1. He was invited to a party at the CUP and it took a great amount of courage for him to join in with a bunch of kids he had only known for a couple of weeks. He had a great time at the party last fall and is now taking lessons at the CUP and is enjoying the water, participating in the lessons and not spending the whole time holding onto the side wall of the pool. His instructor, Logan, is patient and kind and it has made a real difference. What wonderful kids you have out here, from the classmates at the party to the instructors at the CUP. Kindness and patience goes a long way when someone is scared. 
- Crystal Cromwell

My children have been bowling with YBC at the CUP for 5 years and so many of our fondest memories are from time spent with friends there
- Seward Bouchie

I have had many great memories at Credit Union Place since they opened, but I would have to say that one of my most fond memories was when I had the pleasure of seeing Elton John in concert. I have loved Elton John's music since I was a little girl and it was an incredible experience. 
- Ruth Ann MacMurdo

My favourite memory and my first ever concert was when I was 8 years old and I went to the Elton John. I also go swimming frequently and I used to always go skating all the time as I was in Syncro and figure skating. Living very close to the rink makes it an easy go to spot to hangout with friends, and to go exercise and have fun.
- Tori DesRoche

Sliding fun
- Andrea George

All of my children absolutely love the pool at credit union place but my favorite memory would be watching my daughter in the pool at about 3 years old (She is 10 now) but she was so determined to swim, we went a few times a week and she would never give up! She taught herself how to swim and has been swimming like a fish ever since. Since then my son has too taught himself to swim and my 2 youngest won't be too far behind! Love Credit Union Place! 
- Rebecca Curley

I have a lot of great memories at the cup!! My nephews and nieces winning hockey tournaments or seeing them coming out with all the lights and fog and their name announced. Watching caps game and storm games. But my favourite memory is getting married there (July 12 2014)  in front of our family and friends to the guy I am going to spend the rest of my life with !! It was the best day!
- Diana Arsenault 

One of my great memories at the CUP was attending the Flo Rida concert. It was a great entertaining concert. I danced all night! Keep brining these great concerts to our fantastic venue! #welcometomyhouse
- Krista Peters

Taking my grandkids to caps games I have a season pass
- Darlene Arsenault

CUP was hosting Atlanticade and Twisted Sisters Roller Derby team volunteered for the week and even hosted a Game. I was a blocker for the team. The sisters received a 1000$ cheque from atlanticade for all our hard work. Presented at the CUP
- Jannett Jones

When my oldest Sister was home from Vancouver and her and I and my other Sister went to see Elton John, he was amazing and it was amazing having both of my Sisters there to see Elton John with me. A memory I will treasure for ever!
- Bonnie Bell

My biggest memory is sitting in awe of Sir Elton John as he performed at credit union place...simply amazing concert!!!
- John Cornish

The amazing fireworks for your 10th birthday celebration and the amazing free bowling at the bowling lanes. Great family time loved every minute of it.
- Darryl Tracey 

My all time favorite memory was getting a ticket to see my favorite singer since I can remember. When the tickets went on sale for the 1st show I didn't have a chance to get one and thought I wouldn't see my icon. Needless to say when he announced he was playing for the second night I knew it was my 2nd chance and that I shouldn't miss out. Also have to say going to the Caps games with my big brother is also one of my favorite things to do. My brother never misses a game!!
- Dana Durant

Scoring perfect seats to see James Taylor!
- Robert Gamble

I had the great pleasure to work at Credit Union Place the summer of 2009. It is a fabulous building and the people who work there and the participants who attend the variety of activities there makes it great!!!! That was the summer The Beach Boys were there and that was a fantastic concert!!!! I would be remiss in not mentioning the awesome concert Elton John put on in 2011!!!! Unbelievable!!!! Great memories !!!!
- Susan MacFadyen

When my son reached his level 10 in swimming after his first year with the Dolphin Swim Club. I was so proud of him with all his hard work and dedication with the club. So impressed with the staff of the swim club as well!!
- Ann Gallant

In 2012, I took my daughter to the CUP for her first Hedley concert. I bought VIP tickets so she could meet them and be right next to the stage. Needless to say, her love for the band continued to grow and it was the start of many Hedley concerts to come. Always enjoy the concerts at the CUP. 
- Tracey Sterling

My son's first concert to see Hedley & Classified. He loved every second!! 
-  Melanie MacLellan

My first 'date' with my boyfriend was at the credit union place. We went running together after school every day at the track, then started using the gym and pool. That was eight years ago and its still one of our favourite places to go! 
- Hannah Bigelow

I have many memories of the fun we had at Credit Union Place swimming , bowling ,the walking track ,Western Capitols games 
and New Years celebrations with my family. The pool in the new facility is the favorite part for my grandchildren and me.
- Roberta Crossman

One of my favourite memories of Credit Union Place is the first day the pool opened. I swim with The Summerside Masters Swim Club and was anxiously awaiting the opening of the new pool. The day the pool opened I remember running down the hall to the changing room. I felt just like a kid at Christmas and I was 45 at that time. I also remember that the water was cold but I didn't care. 
- Elizabeth Mallett

My memory of CUP was when at the age of 50 I decided to get more active. I noticed a program being offered at the CUP called "Get Back Into Fitness". It was one session held each week where we learned about different fitness activities. Each week would introduce new forms of activities. One week it was yoga, next week it was a tour of the fitness facilities. At the end of the ten weeks I signed up for a year's membership at Fitstop.
- Doug Thomson

Last summer I had the opportunity to take my 10 year old to her first concert. Her excitement was incredible and she spent weeks working on a poster and tshirt for the Big Ticket concert! Thank you Credit Union Place for the memories!
- Marcy Bouchie

It was a caps game and I assessed fan favorite Mike MacIsaac a game misconduct for checking from behind. The 2000 or so loyal cap fans in the stands didn't agree with the call and let me have it. That is why playing in Summerside is so great because the fans will always support their hometown team.
- Steve Dyer

Early on in my career with the IWK, we hosted a remote broadcast of the IWK Radiothon in the lobby of the CUP. An incredible display of community engagement and support. 
- Lynn Anne Hogan

One of my favorite memories at the Credit Union Place was the lobster carnival talent show, I played in it for three or four years and after entering with numerous people, my two best friends and I finally won first place. This was one of the most exciting days that I've ever experienced. I will always remember that day! 
- Kristy Wright

New Years Eve with Burton Cummings (on his birthday), with great friends
- Karen Doyle

My favourite memory was when I had front row seats at the big ticket summer concert. 
-Emmalee McGuigan

Awesome night with the old timer Capitals players or coach that made Summerside the pride of the hockey world.  Nice work Credit unit Place.
- Claude Marcotte

My favourite memory was watching the Caps win an home game in overtime.
- Dirk Lock

Seeing Bryan Adam and meeting him backstage
- Don Quarles

2012 2014 Grand Slam of curling
- Amanda Bulger

Elton John
- Ed

Great place to walk

Hedley is by far my favorite band, I have seen them so many times I can't even count anymore. The last time they played at the credit union place I won a contest deeming me their biggest fan. I was elated !!! Standing in the stands at the CUP I was sernaded by JACOB HOGGARD ( the lead singer). It was by far one of the best nights of my life and my very special Credit union place memory !! Credit union place, making dreams come true ! 
- Chantelle Clements

Seeing this amazing facility for the first time had me in awe! I remember walking into the front lobby and thinking that this was beyond what I imagined. It hosts so many great amenities and so accessible to everyone regardless of age or ability. So much to do I didn't know where to look first. But I do recall one memory and that was seeing one of my idols in concert. Elton John. I never in a million years thought he would come to PEI. Thank you CUP for making this possible. 
- Brenda Richard

My first pay check from my very first job.
- Amy Lutz

Front row for John Fogerty in May 2009! Great show.
- Paul Brennan

My favorite memory occurred just a month ago at CUP. My son's hockey team won their first tournament (summerside police association) at the CUP. It is a very special memory for my family as my husband was the coach and two of my boys ( Carson and Cole ) were on the team together. Cole is 2 years younger and got the chance to play with his big brother for this one tournament. Very memorable to be cheering on my boys on the ice at the same time. Every time we return to the CUP, I'm sure we will think of that special today that the boys pulled off a big tourney win. 
- Kim Hood

CUP has brought many great memories with hockey. My son, Parker Deighan, played with the Summerside Western Capitals from 2006-2011. There have been so many exciting games and championships won at the CUP. My husband and I continue to use this great facility. Every time I go it reminds me of so many good times spent in the arena. We also have enjoyed many wonderful concerts!! 
- Michelle Beaman

I will always remember swimming with my children. Such a healthy activity in a positive atmosphere.
- Sarah Galaise

Sliding day
- Troy Perry

Our son, Nick Mann scored the first minor hockey goal at the new arena.
- Greg Mann (March Winner)

Many great memories of this complex - having my children's birthday parties there, children learning to skate, to memories of me being involved in the planning of various initiatives but the two that stand out are Hockey Day in Canada and the two Heather Moyce celebrations. My Daughter was really excited to meet Heather. 
- Cory Thomas (April Winner)

My favourite memory was at an event I was a part of for Newcomers to Canada. We were waiting on some buses to arrive from Charlottetown. When the occupants of the buses starting coming in the entrance of the CUP, it took my breath away. Diversity at its best! They probably felt like celebrities, with the warm welcome they received. Best moment ever! So very fortunate to have a conference area to host such amazing activities. Thank you CUP.  Happy 10th Anniversary
- Belinda Woods (May Winner)

In 1979, I lived in Montreal and a friend called to ask if wanted to see a new band. The concert was $10. Who is it? I asked. "A new group called The Police" he said. So I passed. For over 30 years I lived with the agony of missing one of the most innovative and famous bands internationally. Then Sting Decided to come to the CUP. To atone for my foolishness of the past, I called my friend in Montreal and said "get over here, I already bought us tickets". Great concert and Sting covered many of his former Police hits. fantastic memories (and redemption) courtesy of the CUP. 
- Lance Martel (June Winner)

April 26, 2016 - The first time I was brave enough to take all 3 kids to the pool.... by myself! The kids were 4, 2 and just barely 3 months old :) All of us had a blast and now we try to get there whenever possible.
- Qeturah Baglole (July Winner)

Brian Adams oh what a night
- Nancy Journeau (August Winner)

I remember skating practice every Saturday morning and going to pre-school skates to get better.
- Denika Decoste (September Winner)

My favourite memory involves watching Kevin Martin compete and win his final Grand slam of Curling event. A hero of mine ends his competitive career with a win at the CUP!
- Gordon MacFadyen (October Winner)

I waited with anticipation for the CUP to open - With the help of the Running Track " I trained to become a Runner". It allowed me to run a marathon and numerous other distances. We are fortunate to have this great facility!
- Janice Sonier (November Winner)

I won tickets to see my all time favourite entertainer through KROCK. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd ever see Elton John in little old Summerside! Thank you CUP for one of my best memories ever. BEST CONCERT EVER!!!
- Donna Murray (December Winner)
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